Pushwize is a push notification and in-app messaging platform for boosting customer engagement.

million devices powered with push notifications

million notifications delivered monthly

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Why they chose Pushwize?


Audience of 200k reached in 2 seconds*

Easy Integration

You are ready to go in a few hours. Our customer engagement and technical know-how is available to you any time.

Smart Segmentation

15 segmentation options + logical operators

Secure Data

End-to-end encryption. Highest level of data privacy compliance: Pushwize data is never shared with third party companies.

Customer Support

Installation, Setup, Troubleshooting. Resolving technical problems as quick as possible


European operator, compliant to all GDPR and German DSGVO regulations. US/EU/CAN based servers.

Mobile push notifications

Grow relationships by sending personalized promotions, transactional notifications, or conversion driver messages directly to mobile device homescreens of your customers.

Drive personalized desktop and mobile browser experience to increase retention and conversion rates within your audience.

Web push notifications

In-app messages

Create interstitials, banners and pop-ups in your mobile apps without coding and without asking for permission from your users.


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