In-app messages

Share messages within your applications without user permission and coding.

What are in-app messages?

In-app messages are a type of mobile engagement where the message is delivered to users while being active in a mobile application. Generally, in-app messages may solve information and reward delivery or conversion making objectives with a tool that requires little technological knowledge and no user consent.

Create custom messages without coding

Compose your content using Pushwize’s dashboard and deliver the messages in the applications without waiting for developer implementation or app store submission, review.

Reach users who prefer not to get notifications

In-app messages can be even sent to users who refused giving permission for notification sending. Utilize in-app messages paired with notifications for a complete engagement strategy.

Match your app design for an amazing experience

Apply stunning styling options to create messages welcomed by users as a natural part of your application.

Send in-app messages and see your business grow

Push notification permission

Convince users about the benefits of push notifications and make them easy to switch on notifications.


Improve your app store reputation by asking the users to rate your app exactly after a positive experience.

Transactional messages

Define in-app message triggers in your business processes to keep users up to date about your services. Payment or delivery status messages improve your service quality.


Inform your customers about new features, hot opportunities, closing discounts or upcoming events right on their mobile devices. Reward their response with a small gift once the message is tapped.

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